Change a nasty looking filing cabinet into something cute. Contact paper, duct tape, and spray paint for a great filing cabinet makeover. Rhoda Design Studio

Ugly Filing Cabinet Makeover

By Rhoda Toynbee | Jul 17, 2016
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Classroom makeover part two. Bulletin boards. Rhoda Studio

Classroom Makeover: Bulletins Ready

By Rhoda Toynbee | Jul 10, 2016
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I am redoing my room. My new classroom will have a color theme, bulletins created by me that I also sell on TPT, and the Daily 5. Read more on the blog.

New Classroom Makeover

By Rhoda Toynbee | Jul 6, 2016
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Third grade spelling and grammar centers. Based on the Wonders Reading Program. Created by Rhoda Design Studio. Sold on TpT

Wonders Reading Program for 3rd Grade

By Rhoda Toynbee | Jun 24, 2016
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Lifestyle and Technology

By Rhoda Toynbee | Jun 14, 2016
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Pinterest for All Types of Businesses. Read how to use it to increase your followers and traffic on the blog.

Pinterest for All Types of Business

By Rhoda Toynbee | May 5, 2016
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Using Pinterest for your business marketing doesn't have to be hard. Read more on the blog.

Using Pinterest for Your Business

By Rhoda Toynbee | Mar 5, 2016
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There are 10 easy steps to marketing your business with Pinterest. Read the blog to learn all ten!

Marketing with Pinterest

By Rhoda Toynbee | Feb 19, 2016
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There are 6 easy steps that I implemented on my Pinterest account. I increased my Pinterest followers by 44% in 6 weeks. Read more!

How I Increased My Pinterest Followers by 44%

By Rhoda Toynbee | Feb 1, 2016
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A blog post with links to the best resources on the blog for growing your business through online marketing. Click now to read!

Marketing Your Site or Blog Online

By Rhoda Toynbee | Jan 29, 2016
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Create a visually appealing Pinterest account. Click to learn more...

A Visually Appealing Pinterest Account

By Rhoda Toynbee | Jan 26, 2016
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This one simple trick will increase Pinterest traffic. Pinterest marketing is easy when you know some of the secrets. Click to learn more.

This One Simple Trick Will Increase Pinterest Traffic

By Rhoda Toynbee | Jan 18, 2016
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A free digital stamp. Add some little song birds to your next project. Visit the blog to get your image!

Add Some Little Song Birds to Your Day

By Rhoda Toynbee | Jan 6, 2016
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This isn't your typical goal setting or resolution for the new year. Read all about setting your New Year's Goals with Pinterest on the blog.

Plan Your New Year’s Goals with Pinterest

By Rhoda Toynbee | Dec 31, 2015
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9 things that highly organized people do. Learn to be organized and productive. How many do you already do?

9 Habits of an Highly Organized Person

By Rhoda Toynbee | Dec 24, 2015
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9 habits of super productive people. It's an easy list. How many do you already do?

9 Habits of Super Productive People

By Rhoda Toynbee | Dec 18, 2015
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Free digital stamp: Christmas Gingerbread Man from Rhoda Design Studio

Christmas Gingerbread Man Free Digi Stamp

By Rhoda Toynbee | Dec 16, 2015
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A Free Snowman Digital Stamp. Visit the blog to download the image and find more!

Snowman Digital Stamp: Stay Frosty

By Rhoda Toynbee | Dec 8, 2015
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Wish List for the Holidays

Wish List for the Holidays

By Rhoda Toynbee | Dec 4, 2015
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Free digital retro camera. Digital stamps by Rhoda Design Studio

Capture the Memories Free Digi Stamp

By Rhoda Toynbee | Dec 2, 2015
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SEO Made Easy: An ultimate guide to SEO for beginners. Broken into a 4 part series. Read more on the blog!

Common Myths about SEO Busted: SEO Part 4

By Rhoda Toynbee | Dec 1, 2015
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