Common Myths about SEO Busted: SEO Part 4

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Myths About SEO:

Myth 1: It’s dead. No need to worry about it anymore.
Fact: It’s not dead. It’s changed. Again. It will continue to change and evolve. It will most
likely become more complicated and frustrating, but it’s still alive and kicking. Pay
attention to your social activities, high quality content and content marketing. These are
the main focus now, not keywords.

SEO Made Easy: An ultimate guide to SEO for beginners. Broken into a 4 part series. Read more on the blog!

Myth 2: If you know the tricks you are good.
Fact: You really can’t work the system. Most of the shady ways of trying to increase
SEO have been taken into account with the newest algorithms. It is entirely possible to
improve your ranking, and those methods have been shared throughout this document.
It takes effort and requires quality information.

Myth 3: You only have to do it once.
Fact: Making your website once and then walking away does not work. Things need to
stay fresh. You need to continually add quality content, pay attention to your keywords,
meta tags, headlines, alt tags, etc. It’s a ton of work!! That’s why people hire it out and
why the people who are helping with it make good money!

Myth 4: Tweets and Facebook links don’t matter.
Fact: All of your social links and interactions are taken into account in your SEO ranking.
You are rewarded with higher rankings if you are creating content that users feel is worth

Myth 5: Don’t bother with guest posting, it doesn’t work.
Fact: If you are just posting a quick snippet of information that isn’t relevant to the site or
it’s readers, then it isn’t going to work for you. Guest blogging is the same as blogging on
your own site. Make it content rich. Improve your link building campaign by writing
content that is above and beyond your usual content that you can share on other sites.

Web Hosting

Tools and Services:

Analytics Services: You can choose Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, Clicky Web Analytics, and a variety of others. A quick google search will pull up a wealth of information and options. If you are using WordPress there is a built in plugin on the dot com version and you can install a plugin for the self hosted version.

Search Engine Optimization Tools: Yoast or All in One SEO are popular WordPress plugins that help you manage your SEO and view your rating on your posts and pages so you can change them in organic ways to make them better.

There are also tools that help you manage your social media such as Buffer that also have analytics built in. There are a few sites with some options in the resource section below.

Thinks like Chrome Developer Tools and are also resources. At this point it’s finding something that you like to use, that works for you. It has to help stream line your process not add to the confusion.

Patience is Key:

It takes time and effort to get your SEO tweaked and working to your advantage. Be patient. Continue to produce great content, add keywords where applicable (without going overboard), add attribute tags to your images and links, and interact with our audience. All your hard work will pay off!

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Congrats!! You made it through all four SEO posts. If you missed one you can click here to see all of the posts in the series. Hopefully you feel a little more comfortable with your site content, search engine optimization, and writing for your audience. Questions or comments, leave them below 🙂



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