Learn About Selling on Teachers Pay Teachers?

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 Learn About Selling on Teachers Pay Teachers

Would you like to learn how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers? Does a course that contains all of the tips, tricks and information you need to be successful sound interesting? What is that one thing you would like to learn about selling your resources?

I’m working on writing one now and would like to get your input. What things would make it more worth while for you? Do you want me to cover how to use a design program? Creating cover pages and pins?

Take this quick survey and let me know what you think:
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Have More To Say:

It’s a brief survey. If there is anything else you would like me to consider or suggestions you would like to make, please leave a comment below.



P.S. Course Launch for “Creating and Selling Teaching Resources 101

Learn to sell your classroom resources online. Choose a program, create a product, send a note to followers, create bundles and more. Make extra money as a teacher. Teachers Pay Teachers. Rhoda Design Studio

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