Lifestyle and Technology

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Lifestyles and Technology Go Together

It’s unavoidable in our current times to not have technology be a part of your lifestyle. They go together like peanut butter and jelly! However, it is an aspect of our lives that we can manage and every now and then it is necessary to unplug. I’m guilty of telling myself that I will just finish one more thing and then turn off the tech and before I know it I’m out of time.

Lifestyle and Technology

These are a few things that I found this week that correspond with my love for tech that you might find useful, and also a few resources that will hopefully help you free up some time to walk away from your tech for a bit 🙂

The Fabulous Finds:

  1. Start Your Yoga Practice. The time you take to be on your mat will be rewarded with a clear head and more focus when you are working: 10 Reasons You Should Never Start a Yoga Practice!
  2. Now that you know why you should be doing Yoga, how do you start? Give this great article by “So Much Yoga”: How to Start Yoga: A Beginners Guide.
  3. Need an app (I know, I know, ANOTHER one?!) to help you created projects, tasks, and delegate those tasks to your team? This week I discovered Asana. Not sure if I am in love yet or not…but it is pretty entertaining when you complete a task and a unicorn and rainbow streak across your screen! Asana: “Do great things”.
  4. Social media is one of those things that will really suck the time out of your day! You think you have 5 minutes. That’s all it will take to check Twitter or Facebook and before you know it your whole lunch hour is gone and you didn’t accomplish crap! And if you are using it to market your business then you are probably overwhelmed and needing some assistance. How about a social strategy? Take a look at Chloe’s here: Social Media Strategy.

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Ok. That’s 3 fantastic things for you to zip through on a quiet afternoon. Read those. Then power down and go do something that isn’t technology related. I’m going hiking and I am going to try not to do yoga poses all over the wilderness. You should have a social strategy, a new way to organize your to-do list, and a reason NOT to start a yoga practice *wink*. What are you going to do? Leave me a comment and I’ll check it when I am done playing outside…



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