Teenage Girls and Pinterest…Oh My!

Girls and Pinterest

It probably happens two or three times a day. My phone or dashboard will light up with a notification…”Kyla just sent you a pin”. My teenage daughter has discovered Pinterest and is obsessed.

teenagers and pinterest

teenagers and pinterest

Sometimes it’s hairstyles. Other days it clothes. I can’t tell you how many times she has sent me a picture of the new sweatshirt she wants. It’s starting to pop up in my Facebook feed because based on the algorithms and the things I “view”, it now thinks that I love that sweatshirt too. I don’t!

This weekend she attempted to make macaroons. She has seen them on Pinterest and is obsessed with them. She’s old enough to manage herself in the kitchen (most times). She’s even good enough to clean up most of her dishes. I still get the occasional “mom, do we even HAVE parchment paper” or “what the heck is confectioners sugar”.

Her attention span is short. Last week it was cake donuts in the pan I bought her two years ago and that has only been used 3 or 4 times. There was a half batch of cake batter in the fridge for a week. My directive was that the cake batter get used before the macaroons were attempted. Now there are both on the counter!

kyla's macaroons

kyla’s macaroons

I won’t say that it was a complete flop. I’ve never tasted a macaroon before and I’m not sure if they are supposed to be an instant sugar rush in the form of a beautifully colored cookie bomb. But that’s what they are!

They didn’t turn out picture perfect like she hoped. Actually, I think she was going for purple but got sick of trying to blend the colors (remember that short attention span). She might be a little put of with baking for a bit. This happens. I know it happens to me as well when I can’t make something look like the ideal image I have found online.

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Inspiration hits. You see all these beautiful things online (Pinterest) and think “I can do that too”. And your first attempt sucks. Or at least doesn’t meet expectations. Then you kick yourself a bit and walk away from the project.

It’s that classic case of Impostor Syndrome again. Comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle or end. Stop doing that!! I’m watching her compare herself to someone else based on her first attempt. My goal is to encourage her to try again (not with macaroons though…they are nasty!!). Bring on Pinterest and the mini cupcakes 🙂

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