These Crawlers Aren’t Creepy: SEO Part 2

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This is a four part series. If you are popping in late you can view the first post here: Ultimate Guide to SEO Part One.

What the Crawlers See:

One way to make sure that the robots and crawlers that are digging through your site and trying to decide if it is popular or not is to make it “readable” for them. This language is not the same thing that we see on the surface.

SEO Made Easy: An ultimate guide to SEO for beginners. Broken into a 4 part series. Read more on the blog!

Computer language and user friendly language usually are not the same thing. Certain files will not even be seen by the crawlers. Photos mean nothing to them, even though they convey a wealth of information to us at first glance.

  • Provide alt text for your images. This gives the search engines a description of that photo so they know how to index the image and then help others find it when they search for it.
  • Besides providing search boxes you should also provide navigation and crawl-able links to other places on your website.

Web Hosting

  • If you have Flash or Java installed be sure and have text on the page that describes that information or that can supplement it when it isn’t functioning.
  • Provide transcripts for video and audio content. These files are full of useful information and key terms but crawlers are not accessing that information. You need to have it in a typed format.
  • Crawlers also like structure. They like main pages and then child pages. Using a CMS (content management system) like WordPress will make the structure of your site function-able and crawl-able. It’s a win win.


The most fundamental part of the search process is keywords. It’s the building blocks of the language we see and the language the search engines see. As those little bots crawl through your site they are keeping track of the number of times they see each word. When you become more specific with your keywords you are narrowing the competition and improving your chances of achieving a higher ranking.

Don’t assume that just because the words are counted that more is better. New algorithms do not give you more points just because you have the same word in your content 1500 times! Just don’t do it!!

[bctt tweet=”Write you content for your human readers, not the creepy crawlers that index your site.”]

Keywords are counted in different areas of your content. Page titles, title tags, headings, your page link, and meta data all count. There is a ton of information to keep track of on top of just trying to produce good content. You can find tools to help with this. It is also possible to hire someone to take care of it for you.

You are half way through the SEO series!! Overwhelmed yet? or is it just the right amount of information?



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