Top 5 Ways to Use Google Classroom for Math Practice

Top 5 Ways to Use Google Classroom for Math Practice

Google Classroom for math practice is becoming more and more common. If it’s a link to a website, a pre-made Google Slide resource, a self correcting Google Form, or even a document, it can be used in Google Classroom.

5 ways to use google classroom for math practice blog post. Read here.

1. A link to a website.

You can use Google Classroom like a bookmark or a text message. Post a link in the feed for your students to use to access a site quickly.

I post in the feed if I only plan to use a link for a little while. I also post in the feed if it’s a site I am trying out with the class for the first time.

It’s quick access.

And it’s not permanent if we decide we don’t really like the site (or it was too simple and they finish everything available in a session or two).

Use Google Classroom for Math Practice by providing links to math websites for your students.

If it’s a link you decide you want to use more regularly, you can add it to your “ABOUT” page. Start a collection of links to websites that you want your students to access regularly.

Sure, they could bookmark them.

After awhile their bookmark bars become crowded or a distraction. Make it easier on them and bookmark their classroom. Then they can navigate from there to locations you provide.

2. Assignments from another website.

Use the feed to link students to another website where you have posted assignments. I do this with Boom Cards. Instead of having my students navigate through the Boom website to find their assignments, I link directly with a “hyper play link”.

Use Google Classroom for Math Practice to link to Boom Cards or other online lesson sites.

This limits the steps they need to take to sign in and it also works as a reminder of what they have on their “to-do” list. Seeing the link in their feed reminds them of what they need to finish.

3. Post an “exit ticket” question.

Make a quick multiple choice or short answer question to use as an exit ticket after a lesson. Students can show what they know and you can gather a quick assessment of their knowledge all in one place.

Use Google Classroom for Math Practice by asking exit ticket questions.

There won’t be any scraps of paper floating around. You won’t have to worry if you saved enough time to question 3-5 kids. Send it out to the whole class or just the ones you want to double check for understanding (or better yet, schedule it) and then have them complete it during the last few minutes of your lesson.

4. Assign a Google Form

These can be fun. Create a form with the questions you would normally have on a worksheet or a “check for understanding” assignment.

Students complete the form and submit their answers. Their responses are all collected in a Google Sheets document (think Excel spreadsheet). There are extensions that you can add on to your Google Drive that will automatically check the answers and grade the sheet for you.

Questions can be fill in the blank, written response, or multiple choice.

Pro Tip: make sure one question on your form is their name! This way you know who submitted which answers 🙂

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5. Interactive Google Slides

This one is my favorite. I love assigning interactive lessons and activities. My students love working on them. These can be anything: multiplication practice, rounding practice, benchmark assessments, elapsed time and more.

Assigning Google Slides is a great way to use Google Classroom for Math Practice. Click here to read more.

When assigning Google Slides, make sure you mark the option “make a copy for each student” before you click assign.

This is the one section that you can’t edit after you have sent out the assignment.

If you don’t mark this, then 1 of 2 things will happen. They will only have “viewing” rights to the assignment and not be able to answer the questions or they will all be editing the same file at the same time and it will be your original file. HUGE mess!!

How Do You Use Google Classroom for Math Practice?

There you have it. The top 5 ways you can use Google Classroom for math practice. It’s by no means the only way to use it.

Use the comments below and tell me your favorite way to use Google Classroom for math practice…


P.S. If you would like to learn to design your own interactive slides, check out my new course: Creating Interactive Google Slides

Learn to create interactive Google Slides for your Google Classroom math practice. Read more here.

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5 ways to use google classroom for math practice. Click here to read more...

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